Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper (1882-1967)

Nighthawks. 1942.  Oil on canvas.


Edward Hopper was one of America's greatest 20th century painters. Known primarily for his oils, he was also a proficient watercolor painter skilled in the effective use of light and shadows. 



Anderson's House. Watercolor. 1926.                                    Compartment C Car. 1938. Oil on canvas.



Automat. 1927. Oil                  Summer Evening. 1947. Oil                Summertime. 1943. Oil


Said Hopper, "My favorite thing is painting sunlight on the side of a house."



 Manshard Roof. 1923. Watercolor                            Adams House. 1928. Watercolor


He shunned comparisons to Norman Rockwell, calling his own work, "more subtle ... less illustrative ... and not sentimental."  But, like Rockwell, the common features and inhabitants of American life were many of his subjects ...



Gas. 1940. Oil on canvas                                                  Seven A.M. 1948. Oil on canvas.


... as were seascapes and rural landscapes. 



Lighthouse and Buildings. 1927.  Watercolor.                        Coast Guard Boat 1929. Watercolor.


He spent 54 years at his studio in New York City, which provided the inspiration for many of his most notable works, including Nighthawks (top of the page).



    Office at Night. 1940. Oil.          Night Windows. 1928. Oil         Drugstore. 1927.  Oil.


Early Sunday Morning. 1930. Oil on canvas.



Chop Suey. 1929. Oil on canvas.      New York Office. 1962. Oil on canvas.


But he also found inspiration for some of his most notable watercolors in the New England towns and seascapes of Gloucester  and Cape Cod ... Maine's Monhegan Island ... and Vermont's White Mountains.  



 Prospect Street, Gloucester. 1934. Watercolor.                   Ground Swell. 1939. Oil on canvas.


 Highland Light. 1930. Watercolor.                                    Road in Maine. 1914. Oil on canvas.


 Cape Cod Morning. 1950. Oil on canvas.                      Cape Cod Evening. 1939. Oil on canvas.


 The Long Leg. 1935. Oil on canvas.                              White River at Royalton. 1937. Watercolor.

His paintings inspired artists in other disciplines ... House by the Railroad inspired the Victorian house in the Hitchcock thriller, 'Psycho'  ... Nighthawks (top of the page) inspired Blade Runner director Ridley Scott .... and New York Movie inspired 'Road to Perdition' director, Sam Mendes.



House by the Railroad. 1925.  Oil on canvas.                    New York Movie. 1939.  Oil on canvas.


Edward Hopper - a brilliant American painter who captured American life and landscapes with his signature use of light and shadows. 


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