Wet on Wet - Lesson 2


Wet on Wet is one of Terry's classic, foundational teachings.  It was taped at the early stages of his video workshop progression, so the video quality is a little more amateur.  The content, however, is excellent.  

In this lesson, you'll learn all about different types of brushstrokes, and the effects those strokes have on your watercolor painting.  

Plus, Terry and wife Judy conduct a question and answer session at the end of the lesson that handles some of the more common questions from watercolor beginners. 

You can watch this video up to 3x this month, or, you can add it to your personal library by ordering it from this site.  As a club member, don't forget you get a special price on the DVD. You save $5 on any DVD in the Terry Madden product library, or an extra 10% off sale prices!  

62 minutes.