Terry Madden's Lesson 25 - The Color Clock

Terry Madden's Watercolor Workshop

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Terry's Color Clock makes learning color simple and enjoyable.  He developed his approach to color after years of frustration with color wheels and teaching on the subject. By the time you watch this video, you will understand which colors work together and why, how to put together color schemes, and which colors make a painting 'Pop.'  

This lesson includes:

Terry's Color Clock; Color Harmonies; Accent Colors; Graying Down; Using the Color Clock Demos; Accent Colors; Triads and more!

60 Minutes.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Terry developed a special 'Color Clock' that illustrates how to develop color schemes, and includes many of the important points of his lesson.  The 'Color Clock' is 8.5 x 11 and fully laminated (waterproof). It also contains detailed instructions for creating harmonious, complementary and triad color schemes on the back and includes common and Terry Madden Artist Color names.  

You can find Terry's Color Clock in our Products collection.  $12

Simply click the Color Clock below.