Terry's TV Series - 1400 Series, Volume 1 (2-Disc DVD)

Terry Madden's Watercolor Workshop

$ 79.00

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Now you can own the entire collection of Terry's 1400 Series of TV Programs on this 2-Disc DVD!  This set contains 13 complete TV programs from his popular watercolor series, and shows you how to paint 12 original watercolors.  

Paintings in this series include:

Disc 1: White Hibiscus; Fresh Coconuts; Monterey Marina; Magnolia & Teapot; Tall Ships; Hawaiian Woody; Bird of Paradises

Disc 2: Bird of Paradise; Main Street (Villages); Sunflower & Bees; Italian Riviera; Square Poppy; View Through a Window

NOTE: This DVD is a perfect compliment to Terry's 1400 Series, Volume 1 workbook. Save money by purchasing both together with our 1400 Series, Volume 1 COMBO set!